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    libro para aprender a hacer musica en version ingles ,

    Logic Pro 10.6 (and earlier) – From Idea to Final Mastering ( compatible with Logic Pro 10.7 ): A step by step guide to produce an original song (Logic Pro X) Edición Kindle

    IMPORTANT ADVICE: the author is not responsible if your girlfriends or boyfriends abandon you because after reading this book you think more about logic than about them. Compatible with all previous versions of Logic Pro X and with Logic Pro 10.7, with downloadable projects designed for All Logic users.
    01 Prepare for the Journey
    02 Get Familiar with Logic
    03 Start Our Original Song
    04 Use the Chisel
    05 DJs that ‘Play’
    06 Create the Vocal Line
    07 Explore and Create Sounds
    08 Drums and Drum Machines
    09 MIDI Recording
    10 MIDI Editing
    11 Audio Recording
    12 Audio Editing
    13 Tempo and Arrangement Editing
    14 Mix and Automation
    15 Mastering
    Creating a song from scratch,producing it from start to finish,An impossible feat…Or a great game? Whether you are a novice amateur, a passionate professional, an indefatigable sound engineer, a multifaceted instrumentalist, or someone curious who wants to learn more about this world, Logic Pro allows you to be, or become… A Producer. You only need to feel like playing. With this manual you will create an original song from scratch touching on all the production stages:from pre-production to drafting the piece, from the Vocal Line to Intonation, from Recording to Editing, from Midi to Sound Design, from Mix to Mastering. Illustrated steps will guide you, and you will also be taught how to avoid the most common mistakes. Logic is music! Music can be a hobby. Music can be a toy… Music can be work. and with Logic Music can be you too !!!

    – The Author –

    Marco Perino

    Owner of Prosuono Studio, lyricist, producer and post producer.

    He has the collective experience of hundreds of concerts, productions, classes and lessons as a trainer, in a method where practice leaves no room for theory.

    Apple Certified Trainer from 2012 to 2020, year in which Apple discontinued the Certification Program
    The book is also available in German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

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